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No preorders. Get it whenever after the release date!Price will be $10. PDF file will be downloadable via Gumroad.All proceeds will go to the charity group Ultraman Foundation.

About Us

SHUWATCH!! is a mixed media, digital fan zine that’s centered on the Ultraman franchise. Our aim is to showcase the international fan community’s love and dedication to the series that has been going on for more than 50 years. Each page will feature the titular giant alien heroes, the little guys who helped the Ultras while on Earth, and the vicious yet incredible Aliens and Kaiju that terrorized cities.
But what is a zine, exactly?
Simply put, it’s like a “magazine”. Hence where the word zine comes from!
What do you mean by “mixed media”?
We’re not just showcasing illustrated works. We will also be featuring comics, fanfics, and even 3D sculptures! We want our creative Ultra fans to shine as bright as the stars in the cosmos, and present the love they put into their work.
Why digital only?
This is due to some of the fans’ (and ours’ as well) concerns about shipping costs. We’re fairly new, yet we want to reach out to other fans around the world interested in grabbing a copy. So for the meantime, we will only be releasing the zine in digital format.The zine will be released on a PDF file format and will be put up on Gumroad for purchase.
Where will all the profits go?
All proceeds coming from zine sales will go towards the Ultraman Foundation (ウルトラマン基金). Click the banner below to visit their site.

The Ultraman Foundation is a charity group formed by the creators of Ultraman, Tsuburaya Productions. Founded back in 2011, their goal is to bring hope and relief towards children and their families from areas in Japan that were affected by natural disasters by hosting hero shows and providing relief goods. Their motto is: Foundation for Children, Now and the Future.

Photo by Ultraman Foundation

Who is running this project?
This project is currently headed by Mod Melos (Zio), Mod Mebi (emcee) and Mod Mirror (Easter). It’s a pleasure to meet you!
So who or what is Ultraman?
The brainchild of one of the co-creators of Godzilla and Father of tokusatsu – Eiji Tsuburaya, Ultraman is a long-running Japanese sci-fi tokusatsu series that features the titular character, a giant alien hero who suddenly appears on Earth and helps his human friends fight off against similarly sized threats such as Kaiju and alien invaders. The franchise has spawned many seasons since its first debut in 1966, featuring newer Ultramen and Kaiju along the way, and is a hugely celebrated pop culture icon within Japan inspiring many content creators over the years.
Okay finally, and why is the zine called SHUWATCH?
The word “Shuwatch” (シュワッチ) is actually a grunting noise Ultraman makes whenever he fights or flies off. It’s sort of an iconic word or sound for those within the Ultraman fandom.

For any more questions or concerns, do contact us at [email protected] or though our social media accounts listed below!


Vol. 1 - 2019